Alejandro Avilés, Software Engineer, Chief Technology Officer at Bitly.

Tom Boltshauser, Masters student in European studies. Research on Blockchain and European Institutions.

Eric Favre, Director General of Information Systems and Digital / State of Geneva.

Gilles Gravier, Director, Senior Open Source and Blockchain Strategy Advisor at Wipro.

Rachid Guerraoui, Professor at the School of Computer and Communication Sciences at EPFL, known for his contributions in the fields of concurrent and distributed computing.

Dirk Helbing, Professor of Computational Social Science at the Department of Humanities, Social and Political Sciences and affiliate of the Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich.

Anna Jobin, Researcher at the Health Ethics and Policy Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich.

Marcel Knecht, Head of Standardisation and International Affairs at SNV Swiss Association for Standardisation.

Michel Leonard, Emeritus Professor at University of Geneva, Institute of Service Science (ISS).

Nicolas Levrat, Director of the Global Studies Institute (GSI). Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Geneva.

Luzius Meisser, Bitcoin Association Switzerland.

Jean-Henry Morin, Associate professor of Information Systems, University of Geneva.

Alexandre Poltorak, Alsenet SA founder. Co-initiator of the candidacy of the city of Geneva for the 13th World Free Software Meetings.

Martin Rindlisbacher, Senior Business Architect, Executive Director at UBS.

Johan Rochel, Co-Founder and Co-Director of ethix: Lab for Innovation Ethics.

Alexis Roussel, Bitly CEO co-founder. Lawyer specialising in new technology. Served as E-Governance specialist for the United Nations. Was also the president of the Pirate Party of Switzerland.

Bernard Stiegler, French philosopher, head of the Institut de recherche et d'innovation at the Centre Georges-Pompidou.

Philippe Thévoz, Vice President of e-Government Systems at SICPA.